The Future of Analytics on SAP

A Guide to Decision Intelligence for SAP Data



analytics for sap data

Running comprehensive analytics on SAP BW and SAP HANA—across all your SAP investments—is challenging.

Many BI and analytics tools simply can't handle the volumes and complexities inherent in today's data-rich and diverse business landscape. In fact, most force you to move data out of SAP—delaying insights and sacrificing the business logic, governance, and security. Plus, it's extremely difficult to blend your SAP data with other sources.

To take full advantage of the investments in SAP—as well as the growing volume of new sources—organizations should be able to access the data directly and deliver insights for everyone. This is where decision intelligence comes in.

In this guide, we provide a glimpse into the future of analytics on SAP. A future that is available today, with the right decision intelligence platform.

You'll discover:

What your peers say about the inherent challenges of common analytics tools for SAP.

Why the future of analytics points to decision intelligence.

12 surprising truths about business intelligence and analytics, made possible by decision intelligence.

How decision intelligence can help you deliver insights for everyone. Right now.