Business Intelligence vs Decision Intelligence

12 Myths Holding Back Your Organization

Is your organization being held back by outdated beliefs about BI and analytics?

This guide explores 12 widely-held (false) beliefs about business intelligence tools today. And it shows you how, with Decision Intelligence, you can move past these limiting beliefs to up your analytics game.

BI and analytics tools have been around for decades. So while there are many tried and true benefits of these tools, they also come with some serious shortcomings that have been perpetuated by limiting beliefs about what’s possible.

For example:

  • Is it true that it takes four different analytics tools to run a business?
  • Is it really necessary to file a ticket with IT to get the reports you need?
  • Can we live without an army of data scientists?
  • Do organizations still believe AI is nothing more than a dream?


different data sources are drawn from by companies to feed their BI and analytics.

IDG Survey


of businesses cite the need to manage unstructured data as a problem for their business.



of managers and executives are not comfortable accessing or using data from their analytics tools.


Learn how today’s BI “myths” are preventing organizations from moving past the limitations of traditional BI and into the new world of Decision Intelligence. 


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